Loungenie by Pool Safe Inc. offers hotels, resorts, cruise ships and waterparks a unique way to improve the guest experience and boost revenue.

TORONTO, ON, February 23, 2023 – Pool Safe Inc. celebrates a new name, logo and website for its popular PoolSafe product. Originally launched in late 2012, the newly rebranded Loungenie by Pool Safe Inc. offers guests of hotels, resorts, cruise ships and waterparks a safe and convenient way to order, stash, charge and chill. Loungenie’s guest-friendly service options include:

  •  A waterproof electronic safe to store guests’ valuables
  • Service call button that alerts service staff to a guest’s order
  • Storage compartment with an insulated ice bucket
  • USB charging port for charging small electronic devices
  • Three beverage holders and more

“Loungenie is a fantastic addition to any guest experience. It allows a hotel or waterpark to ensure their guests’ belongings are safely stowed while driving F&B sales and improving staff performance,” said David Berger, CEO, Pool Safe Inc.

Mr. Berger developed the pool safe concept in response to a need expressed by hotel and resort operators who were looking for a way to curb theft around the pool and beach area. Starting in late 2012, Mr. Berger spent two years designing and engineering a prototype that he then tested in a large pool setting at a well-known resort brand in Las Vegas.

Today, Loungenie’s are being used in a variety of venues throughout the U.S., the Caribbean and East Asia. The Company continues to innovate the Loungenie to ensure the product provides its users with an impactful and enriched experience.

“Since the original concept, we have continued to work with our clients to make Loungenie a more effective, user-friendly product,” said David Berger, CEO, Pool Safe Inc. “We’re excited to unveil our rebrand and to share improvements we’ve made to the product including increasing the size of the solar panel, increasing the voltage going to the USB port as well as upgrading our software to make the sales process more efficient.”

Pool Safe Inc. offers clients an option to participate in a revenue share program that allows facilities to introduce the Loungenie to their customers without any upfront costs.

To learn more about Loungenie by Pool Safe Inc. or to schedule an interview with David Berger, visit www.loungenie.com.

About Loungenie by Pool Safe Inc.

Loungenie by Pool Safe Inc. is designed to provide safety, convenience and peace of mind for hotels, resorts, waterparks and cruise ship guests. Conveniently located alongside pool or beach lounge chairs, the Loungenie is a unique way of providing vacationers with a comforting sense of security for their belongings, while offering the vendor opportunities to increase F&B sales, expedite customer service and drive revenue. For more information, please visit www.loungenie.com or www.poolsafeinc.com.